Catching Up With Kate the Great: The Lesbian First Lady of Laughs Talks Pride, Politics, P-Town, Parties and Protesting

With her riotous, political, acerbic style of comedy, Kate Clinton has been the darling of the LGBT community since she first made us laugh way back in the early ’80s. This denizen of New York City and Provincetown has talent to spare, with more than six one-woman shows under her belt plus three books, eight CDs, two DVDs and countless appearances. Clinton is renowned for her generosity, regularly donating her time and talent to emcee awards celebrations and Pride festivals.
EDGE sat down with Clinton to talk about her slate of new projects for this summer, among them a new comedy show, summertime high jinks in Provincetown, NCLR’s 40th anniversary, the March on Washington, GLAD’s summer party, Bride Pride and blogs, vlogs and podcasts.

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