Bedbugs, Systemic Neglect Get Under Skin of Chelsea Tenants

The renovated courtyard connecting the buildings is lovely, say residents of 225 W. 23rd and 220 W. 24th Sts. — though the surveillance equipment installed there makes them so uneasy, they hold tenant meetings off-premises. The 24-hour concierge in the remodeled lobby is nice, say some — but it would be nicer if they actually helped elderly and disabled tenants muscle open the heavy doors. They’re glad the laundry room was finally renovated — but wonder if it warranted the four-month gas outage. Now, rent-regulated tenants are curious as to whether their own apartments — riddled with cockroaches and bed bugs, faulty appliances, and crumbling water pipes creating pockets of black mold — will ever get the repairs they’ve requested.

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