Chick Flick the Musical

(l to r) Carla Duren, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Sharon Catherine Brown and Megan Sikora in ‘Chick Flick the Musical.’ (Photo: Maria Baranova)

Chick Flick the Musical, with book, music and lyrics by Suzy Conn, is a charming excuse to take your girlfriend, gay friend, sister or mother to an Off-Broadway show that won’t disappoint.

The premise of this well-timed musical is a familiar trope, simultaneously lampooning and celebrating the wide world of romantic comedies and all their fabulous catch-phrases. In fact, identifying which rom-com these various catch-phrases hail from has evolved into a drinking game for the play’s four characters.

The racially diverse cast of besties includes wealthy socialite Karen (Sharon Catherine Brown, Head Over Heels) and scrappy actress Dawn (Megan Sikora), plus her redheaded cousin Sheila (Lindsay Nicole Chambers) and their pastry chef friend Meg (Carla Duren, The Fortress of Solitude).

As we meet the ladies, this “sisterhood of the traveling tequila” has come together at Karen’s for a long overdue evening of chick flicks, commiseration, and Chardonnay, aka “lunch wine.” Throughout the next 80 minutes, they spill the tea, down some drinks, and have a lot of laughs, all while belting out 14 original tunes.

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