Tomorrow Talk, Today: Council District 3 Candidates Present Their Plans for Post-Pandemic NYC

Grilling the candidates for NYC Council District 3

Recent cycles have seen nothing like Election 2021’s bid for the New York City Council District 3 seat currently held by Speaker Corey Johnson (making his exit because of term limits, and making his own Election 2021 bid, for Comptroller). A half dozen are in the running to succeed the Speaker–and as the June 22 Primary nears, campaigns are accelerating their already robust outreach efforts (two hands will barely count the number of public debates all six have shown up to). For the candidate courting votes, the endorsement of organizations, political clubs, unions, respected electeds, and celebrities means more than just bragging rights–it pays off at the polls. Chelsea Community News careened through our IN box and took a look at candidate websites, to cull this collection of endorsements.

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