Have Yourself A Very Mary Christmas With Kiki & Herb

Kiki & Herb Sleigh at BAM Photograph: © 2021 RICHARD TERMINE

The holidays are the perfect time to get together with family, so join the legendary Mx Justin Vivian Bond, for a dry (well, actually pretty boozy) run as they team up with an old partner in crime, Kenny Mellman, for Kiki & Herb Sleigh at BAM.

The “lovely, decrepit old Harvey theater” is decorated very sparely with a baby grand, a bejeweled sleigh hanging from the ceiling, and a bar-height table featuring a bottle of booze and a champagne bucket full of ice. The glitz comes courtesy of the storied pair of characters that are Kiki & Herb, fashioned as a ‘50s Baltimore lounge act still looking for their big break, throwback relics of a lost age.

Grey-bearded Herb takes the stage in a silver and red sequin suit sits at the piano and opens the show with Billy Joel’s “Miami 2017,” singing, “I’ve seen the lights go out on Broadway.” Kiki stalks on a few beats later, all blowsy blonde goodness in a silky, off-the-shoulder frock, and, with a sultry growl, begins to do their stuff.

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