‘Suffs’ Casts a Light on the Struggle for Equal Rights

Ally Bonino, Phillipa Soo, Shaina Taub, Hannah Cruz, and Nadia Dandashi in ‘Suffs’ at The Public Theater
Photo by Joan Marcus

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Dispiritingly, this could serve as the through-line for Shaina Taub‘s excellent new musical, Suffs, running through May 5 at The Public Theater. In bringing to light the impassioned struggle for women’s right to vote, the musical also reveals how much ground we still have left to gain more than a century later.

There is much to love in this powerhouse production. For starters, it boasts an all-woman and non-binary cast, including Broadway stars Phillipa Soo of Hamilton and Come From Away’s Jenn Colella. Ms. Taub does most of the show’s heavy-hitting as youth agitator Alice Paul, who bucks against not only misogynist-in-chief Woodrow Wilson (Grace McLean) but the old guard led by Carrie Chapman Catt (Colella).

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