I’m So Queer For…MargOH!

Visual artist and drag performer MargOH! Channing’s been up and down and over and out the past couple of years with a life-threatening illness in 2021 and of course, another Covid lockdown, which stunted her ability to do more than just a couple performances of her show Simply MargOH! in 2022. Who knew all this would happen? But let’s get it going in 2023, kids! Here are seven fabulous things I’m so queer for:

1. The Dirty Martini

Judy/Liza impersonator MargOH! Channing is the “Boozy Chanteuse” so it’s all about a couple of classic cocktails! Santa’s Baby has been an awful good girl, so leave a Dirty Martini under the tree for me! I’ve been living for that classic with lots of olives (a girl’s gotta eat) and that salty olive brine to perk me up! It doesn’t matter if it’s gin or vodka—just shake it straight up, baby!

2. Tiny Bubbles!

To keep it queer, let’s have some tiny bubbles of cava! Some prefer Champagne, but that’s the expensive stuff. My favorite cava is Juve & Camps from Spain. It’s rich and creamy and OH! So MargOH! Delicious! I just love it—so much that I bought a case.

3. Debbie Wileman’s Salute to Judy Garland

Music makes the world go round and I’ve been listening to a of couple albums nonstop! The rst is Debbie Wileman’s salute to Judy Garland’s 100th birthday, titled, I’m Still Here. It was released earlier in the year but remains on heavy rotation in the Channing residence. Debbie performs songs as Judy that Judy may have sung—had she lived. Songs like Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” So much fun! The thing is, Debbie sounds so much like Judy that it’s otherworldly and so worth a listen. I even did a lip sync of “Beauty and The Beast” and it was magical!

4. Barbra Streisand Live at the Bon Soir

I’m as gay as a picnic basket (isn’t that what the kids used to say?) so of course, my other obsession is Barbra Streisand Live at the Bon Soir. You know the story: it was meant to be her first album but was shelved due to poor recording quality. Now they’ve remastered it and it’s wonderful! Barbra was a star from the get-go and this album just solidifies her magical presence. Barbra, can you hear me?

5. Noodles the Pooch

It’s all about social media these days instead of my old routine of looking for a man in a dark alley. OH! I’m mad about both! Still, I’m obsessed with Noodles the Pooch: The Corporate Canine. The acting chops and comic timing this poodle has would give Ms. Streep a run for her money! Love Noods!

6. Betty FvCK of Helsinki

I love a drag queen—especially a talented one—and I’m thoroughly obsessed with Betty FvCK of Helsinki! I had the chance to work with Betty a few years ago at a burlesque festival in London and ever since, I seek out their Insta to see what the “lewk” will be today. Betty is fabulous!

7. Jennifer Coolidge

Finally, I’m thoroughly queer for Jennifer Coolidge! Especially in The White Lotus. The character she has created in Tanya is legendary! She’s fun, clueless, and filthy rich, which makes for an hysterical combination that keeps you laughing every moment. Thank you, Jennifer!

Nominated for the Cabaret Broadway World Award for Best Drag/Impersonation
and Best Original Song, you can follow MargOH! Channing via Instagram

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