I’m So Queer For…Noelle Scaggs of Fitz and the Tantrums

Band Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Indie pop darlings Fitz and the Tantrums embarked on their Let Yourself Be Free tour on January 21st, after ringing in the New Year with Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest and kicking off the 2023 Rose Parade with their hot new singles “Moneymaker” and “Sway.” Lead singer Noelle Scaggs made a splash after the pandemic lockdown by creating Diversify the Stage, an initiative to establish more inclusive hiring practices and opportunities for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people. Queerful caught up with Scaggs to see what she’s obsessed with right now.

1. Who doesn’t love their Fur Babies?

Mine are number one in my world. My eldest dog has toured all of North America with me and the boys on the road. She may be the greatest dog in the world, incredible with kids, and the most chill dog anyone will ever meet. Her little sister is known for her fiascos but is the best cuddle bug. If you don’t have a dog and are 100% ready, please foster over purchasing. There are so many amazing dogs who need loving and stable homes. If in Nashville I recommend Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

2. Legacy Park in Malibu

The great adventure has been visiting Malibu Country Mart with the dogs and taking a lovely stroll through the beautiful dog run nestled inside of Legacy Park which houses four natural coastal habitats, coastal prairies, coastal bluffs, Southern California native woodlands, and riparian/wetland. It’s a regular occurrence for centering myself when hanging out on the West Coast.

3. Ham Tuna at Locust in Nashville

I physically love everything I’ve ever eaten at this restaurant led by Chef Trevor Moran, recently honored as the one of the Nation’s Top Restaurants by Food & Wine. This specific plate of goodness is the simplest yet most flavor complex dish that I revisit often. It’s a thin layer of fatty tuna on top of a thin wonton cracker, polished with salt and a secret finishing oil, which heightens the richness of the tuna. The cracker adds just the right amount of texture to set the umami in your mouth are. Locust is your next favorite adventure; when hitting Nashville, plan ahead!

4. Vesper Martinis!!

My new favorite classic cocktail features not one but two spirits that I think should never be apart again! The balance of sweet and dry is perfect and it’s not necessary to make it dirty. It’s why I call Vespers the New Vespa. Be careful—the buzz is immediate!

5. Fleur Du Mal Lingerie

I love lingerie for a myriad of reasons, first being I feel like such a fucking boss when wearing it for no other reason that I feel like it. However, my go-to brand is Fleur Du Mal. I love the way their line fits my body, especially the demi bras, sheer bodysuits, and the cheeky undies. When I’m feeling fancy, I go full garters and knee highs. It’s a look.

6. Our new album Let Yourself Free’s album art

Thanks to our incredible artist Mark Obriski, Fitz and I were able to successfully capture our vision of this album in an image. The craziness over the past couple years, feelings of confinement, and finally having an opportunity to be free again was artfully crafted into this smiley face balloon. Our message is clear in what we want our fans to intend for themselves when listening to this album and coming to our show. Feel JOY, be 1000% free to cut loose, and showcase yourself vibrantly while doing it. If all you own is black in your wardrobe, we got you covered at the merch booth this year!

7. Custom Converse sneakers!

How after all these years I didn’t know that I could create my own Custom Converse (my go-to sneaker for over 25 years) is crazy, and now that I do, I’m never going back to basics. The website makes it super easy to let your creativity shine though, and I love the comfort that I can create shoes that fit my unique personality, especially for the stage. Q

Learn more about Fitz and the Tantrum’s tour dates at fitzandthetantrums.com/

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