In “God Is a Woman,” Luisa Omielan Gets the Last Laugh

Luisa Omelian and her dog, Bernie. (Photo provided by DDPR.)

Luisa Omielan, the most famous British comedian you’ve never heard of, brings her fourth solo comedy show, God Is a Woman, to the SoHo Playhouse through October, and as the limeys like to say, it’s bloody brilliant then, innit?

Ms. Omielan, the first British comedian to ever win a BAFTA Breakthrough Award for Comedy, has crafted a career on tackling a topic and running with it to its ultimate end. She first gained media attention with her debut show What Would Beyoncé Do?! and followed it with the solid hit, Am I Right Ladies?!, straight talk, woman to woman. Then she turned her attention to the legislature and landed a hit BBC show, Politics for Bitches. Friends and fans helped her crowdfund the money for her American debut.

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