Community Board 4 Looks to Future, Outlining Budget Priorities for FY 2021

About 50 community members joined Community Board 4 (CB4) at Mt. Sinai West on the evening of Wed., Nov. 6, for their full board meeting. This particular edition of the monthly gathering was especially forward-looking, as CB4 cast its eye toward District needs and budget priorities for Fiscal Year (FY) 2021, and its incoming slate of officers, to be voted upon in December.

“We worked hard to get all this information from our respective committees, compile that and figure out what our priorities are,” said 2nd Vice Chair Jeffrey LeFrancois, tasked with presenting budget priorities for FY 2021. “This will then be voted on tonight by the full board, and we’ll submit that to the Department of City Planning, so they’ll have an understanding of what we need.”

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